Monday, November 30, 2009

Dreaded Donut Day

Well tomorrow is dreaded donut day at work. Every Tuesday and Friday there are donuts on the front desk at work. Not just any donuts but creamy filled donuts, ones with icing and ones with frosting. They look so good and inviting and I refuse to let myself give in to the voices screaming my name for me to come up to the front and get them.

I must pass this box of donuts on my way out the door to go to the bathroom or to go to the breakroom to heat up my coffee which seems to get cold so fast I have to actually heat it a couple of times before I am done.

The donuts can't even stay in the box because without my even seeing them they somehow appear on my hips. I mean I don't even eat them for crying out loud but no matter how careful I am I can't seem to shake this extra weight I am carring so I have narrowed it down to the donuts in the box on the desk at work.

I mean what else could it be. It can't be the glass of wine I had before going to bed.

It can't be the yummy green chili turkey enchiladas I made for dinner.

It can't be the ortega chicken I had for lunch with the bunch of fries I ate. I mean I washed it down with diet soda. I mean that should account for something.

It can't be the 3 pieces of chocolate I had after I got home from work.

It seems my body doesn't give me credit for the good things I do like drinking diet soda and coffee black without the sugar or cream.

The mayo I don't put on my sandwich.

I mean where's the justice.

I don't think I eat so badly until I write it down and then I see that maybe I am not doing such a great job after all.

I will let the donuts scream tomorrow as loud as they want. I won't let them tempt me and I will try to sneak out the door so maybe I will avoid the next donut trying to affix itself to my hips so that maybe I can bypass one more Tuesday without any added extra baggage.

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School will not give pain pills!!!!

Ok so I am not a happy camper this morning. Riley went to school and went straight to the nurse to give her his pain pills in the original bottle and and she called me and stated that it is a narcotic so they cannot give them to him because they are pills the kids could sell so it is against federal regulations.
He went straight to the nurse with his pills and she would be giving them to him so how could he be selling them? This is total BS. I have never heard of anything so dumb. She said she can give him tylonol. If tylonol was strong enough he wouldn't need the other pills. It just upsets me sometimes the rules and crap they have in school.
When my daughter was diagnosed type 1 diabetic we had to go through crap then so she could carry her needles with her. Yep sure she's shooten up with drugs....... That keep her alive!!!!!!!
Sorry just had to vent.

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Friday, November 27, 2009


Well tonight Riley took the go-ped to go to his friends and right after he left he called and asked if Andrew or I could come and help him. I could tell something was wrong and I asked if he was ok. He said the wheel locked up on the go-ped and he flew over the handlebars. I jumped in the car and went and picked him up. He had gotten scraped up pretty bad but his wrist was hurting him alot. He kept laughing, yelping in pain, and complaining. It then started to swell so I told him I was taking him to urgent care to get it xrayed.

We were there forever but they finally got it xrayed and the verdict is that it crushed one of the bones in his wrist and it is pushing into the joint and may have damaged or/and also pushing into the growth plate so he is now facing surgery to repair the damage. They splinted it, gave him pain pills and reffered him to surgery. It costed a whopping $650 and now we are facing hospital and surgery costs. Triple Ouch.



He did wait until he was just shy of 16 to have his first broken bone.
Too bad it had to be a such doosy.
Will keep you posted on this developing story.

We will be talking to the Ortho in our home town on Monday.

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Giving Thanks!

Sometimes I have to look for things I am thankful for when I get into a pitty party mode. So I am looking for ways to be thankful and writing this post when Riley calls and the above post will explain the rest.
I now (I already was just didn't think of it) am so thankful for my son to be alive and that he is not hurt worse. Things could have been much worse.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Speed of Light

I can't believe how time flies. It seems like almost yesterday was my last post and here it has been a whole 13 days and here I thought I was doing better. Well I must get on the ball as life sure is flying right by me at the speed of light. I have so much blogging I have missed. So much has happened and is happening.
As I type I am missing some much needed beauty sleep not that I need it but a little more couldn't hurt . wink, wink
We are finally almost done with our addition and are moving in and trying to organize so that is taking a ton of time not to mention trying to keep up with 2 teens and a 10 year old. Boy they sure grow up so fast.
The other night I had this incredible post all figured out in my head but didn't want to miss some of that beauty sleep so I never got up and wrote about it and guess what?
I laid awake for hours and now can I remember? Not for the life of me.
I have tried and tried and it just keeps evading me. I know I will think of it someday but with the speed of light it will probably be 3 months from now.
Thanksgiving is day after tomorrow and hopefully I will get some posting in before then. I think about it tons but putting fingers to keyboard just seems to not happen.
I love blogging and I love reading blogs. I just can't seem to keep up with mine. Ok, I will quit snivveling as I can see that is going to get me nowhere.
I see this awsome signature line on blogs and if you know how to get that please post to me and let me know. I just really love the personal element that gives and would love to add it to my blog.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Fall 2009

Went for a beautiful fall ride and took our new family picture. I love this picture just wish the top wasn't washed out but didn't have the tripod so had to invent a spot and it didn't turn out the best but love it anyway.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A beautiful Sunday Drive

My View from the Back

Crystal is learning to drive and hubby was her instructor while I viewed things from the back. It was a little scary a few times as this is the first but we made it. Thank goodness for isolated back roads. Hubby did a great job being patient and not getting upset. If I had been in the front I know I would have not done as well so I am thankful I was able to sit in the back and enjoy the ride mostly. No major mishaps so all is well.

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