Monday, November 30, 2009

School will not give pain pills!!!!

Ok so I am not a happy camper this morning. Riley went to school and went straight to the nurse to give her his pain pills in the original bottle and and she called me and stated that it is a narcotic so they cannot give them to him because they are pills the kids could sell so it is against federal regulations.
He went straight to the nurse with his pills and she would be giving them to him so how could he be selling them? This is total BS. I have never heard of anything so dumb. She said she can give him tylonol. If tylonol was strong enough he wouldn't need the other pills. It just upsets me sometimes the rules and crap they have in school.
When my daughter was diagnosed type 1 diabetic we had to go through crap then so she could carry her needles with her. Yep sure she's shooten up with drugs....... That keep her alive!!!!!!!
Sorry just had to vent.

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