Thursday, September 16, 2010

Insulin Mixup! YIKES!

So my sweet daughter came running upstairs late last night in a panic. She had accidently mixed up her insulin bottles and instead of taking her long acting insulin she took the short lasting one. For those who don't know the long lasting insulin lasts 24 hours and you take a large dose. The short acting insulin is taken in small doses after eating to counteract what she eats. She takes one unit of insulin per 15 carbs of food she eats. Well luckily she noticed before she took the whole 28 units but she did take 16. Terrifying to say the least. Her short acting insulin was recently changed and now the bottles look the same. Anyway its 10:30 at night and the only choice I have is hospital or call her endocrinologist.

I called her doctor and he said the next 5 hours are crutial so she doesn't end up in shock we have to check her sugar every 30 minutes until 3:30 am and if it gets too low get to the hospital or call paramedics.

We hardly slept and I was terrified every time I woke up that I had missed the alarm so I really was sleeping for about 15 minutes at a time. Needless to say I am Exhausted today.

THANKFULLY she is OK and her sugar never got too low. I made her eat a ton of carbs to counter the insulin and we checked it all night. She had to miss a few hours of school today to sleep and recover. It is so hard for her it makes her so ill if her sugar goes up and down.

I wish I could take this away. Diabeties sucks big time!!!

4 shots a day forever or a pump. Not much of an option but at least she is alive and healthy otherwise.



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