Monday, November 30, 2009

Dreaded Donut Day

Well tomorrow is dreaded donut day at work. Every Tuesday and Friday there are donuts on the front desk at work. Not just any donuts but creamy filled donuts, ones with icing and ones with frosting. They look so good and inviting and I refuse to let myself give in to the voices screaming my name for me to come up to the front and get them.

I must pass this box of donuts on my way out the door to go to the bathroom or to go to the breakroom to heat up my coffee which seems to get cold so fast I have to actually heat it a couple of times before I am done.

The donuts can't even stay in the box because without my even seeing them they somehow appear on my hips. I mean I don't even eat them for crying out loud but no matter how careful I am I can't seem to shake this extra weight I am carring so I have narrowed it down to the donuts in the box on the desk at work.

I mean what else could it be. It can't be the glass of wine I had before going to bed.

It can't be the yummy green chili turkey enchiladas I made for dinner.

It can't be the ortega chicken I had for lunch with the bunch of fries I ate. I mean I washed it down with diet soda. I mean that should account for something.

It can't be the 3 pieces of chocolate I had after I got home from work.

It seems my body doesn't give me credit for the good things I do like drinking diet soda and coffee black without the sugar or cream.

The mayo I don't put on my sandwich.

I mean where's the justice.

I don't think I eat so badly until I write it down and then I see that maybe I am not doing such a great job after all.

I will let the donuts scream tomorrow as loud as they want. I won't let them tempt me and I will try to sneak out the door so maybe I will avoid the next donut trying to affix itself to my hips so that maybe I can bypass one more Tuesday without any added extra baggage.

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