Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Spring Break was great this year. To start it off DH and I had to work on Monday and Tuesday (not so great) so we took Crystal & Riley to work with us. DH got this old red VW beatle (free) and gave it to Crystal ( I wish I had a picture but will get one later) for her first car. Riley being a sweet brother got it running and they worked on it the first 2 days of spring break. It was really nice to see them working together on a project. Of course they think it is junk and needs too much work but hey what can you expect for free?

On Tuesday night we traveled down to the valley to our other house and spent the night and got up the next day and traveled the rest of the way to Rocky Point Mexico to the beach. (again), I just love it there.

We got to the beach just before dark. Here is DH checkin out the beach right after we arrived.

We set up camp and drove into town and had dinner then came back and went to bed. The next day the tide was out when we got up so we went shell seeking and saw alot of interesting things.

The kids and DH enjoyed a nice banana boat ride while I sat on the beach and filmed it and took pictures.

They had a blast here is where they were just taking off from the shore. They enjoyed taking the dirt bikes out riding and eating tacos. We had mangos on the beach and beautiful sunsets. We went driving around to another little town and saw these old bones from a whale that had been beached in 1984 the size was just amazing.

I am tired and it is late so I will finish tomorow.